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v8::Debug::Message Class Reference

#include <v8-debug.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool IsEvent () const =0
virtual bool IsResponse () const =0
virtual DebugEvent GetEvent () const =0
virtual bool WillStartRunning () const =0
virtual Handle< ObjectGetExecutionState () const =0
virtual Handle< ObjectGetEventData () const =0
virtual Handle< StringGetJSON () const =0
virtual Handle< ContextGetEventContext () const =0
virtual ClientDataGetClientData () const =0
virtual IsolateGetIsolate () const =0

Detailed Description

A message object passed to the debug message handler.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ClientData* v8::Debug::Message::GetClientData ( ) const
pure virtual

Client data passed with the corresponding request if any. This is the client_data data value passed into Debug::SendCommand along with the request that led to the message or NULL if the message is an event. The debugger takes ownership of the data and will delete it even if there is no message handler.

virtual Handle<Context> v8::Debug::Message::GetEventContext ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the context active when the debug event happened. Note this is not the current active context as the JavaScript part of the debugger is running in its own context which is entered at this point.

virtual Handle<Object> v8::Debug::Message::GetExecutionState ( ) const
pure virtual

Access to execution state and event data. Don't store these cross callbacks as their content becomes invalid. These objects are from the debugger event that started the debug message loop.

virtual Handle<String> v8::Debug::Message::GetJSON ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the debugger protocol JSON.

virtual bool v8::Debug::Message::IsEvent ( ) const
pure virtual

Check type of message.

virtual bool v8::Debug::Message::WillStartRunning ( ) const
pure virtual

Indicate whether this is a response to a continue command which will start the VM running after this is processed.

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