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v8::internal::Internals Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static V8_EXPORT void CheckInitializedImpl (v8::Isolate *isolate)
static V8_INLINE void CheckInitialized (v8::Isolate *isolate)
static V8_INLINE bool HasHeapObjectTag (const internal::Object *value)
static V8_INLINE int SmiValue (const internal::Object *value)
static V8_INLINE internal::Object * IntToSmi (int value)
static V8_INLINE bool IsValidSmi (intptr_t value)
static V8_INLINE int GetInstanceType (const internal::Object *obj)
static V8_INLINE int GetOddballKind (const internal::Object *obj)
static V8_INLINE bool IsExternalTwoByteString (int instance_type)
static V8_INLINE uint8_t GetNodeFlag (internal::Object **obj, int shift)
static V8_INLINE void UpdateNodeFlag (internal::Object **obj, bool value, int shift)
static V8_INLINE uint8_t GetNodeState (internal::Object **obj)
static V8_INLINE void UpdateNodeState (internal::Object **obj, uint8_t value)
static V8_INLINE void SetEmbedderData (v8::Isolate *isolate, uint32_t slot, void *data)
static V8_INLINE void * GetEmbedderData (const v8::Isolate *isolate, uint32_t slot)
static V8_INLINE
internal::Object ** 
GetRoot (v8::Isolate *isolate, int index)
template<typename T >
static V8_INLINE T ReadField (const internal::Object *ptr, int offset)
template<typename T >
static V8_INLINE T ReadEmbedderData (const v8::Context *context, int index)

Static Public Attributes

static const int kHeapObjectMapOffset = 0
static const int kMapInstanceTypeAndBitFieldOffset
static const int kStringResourceOffset = 3 * kApiPointerSize
static const int kOddballKindOffset = 3 * kApiPointerSize
static const int kForeignAddressOffset = kApiPointerSize
static const int kJSObjectHeaderSize = 3 * kApiPointerSize
static const int kFixedArrayHeaderSize = 2 * kApiPointerSize
static const int kContextHeaderSize = 2 * kApiPointerSize
static const int kContextEmbedderDataIndex = 76
static const int kFullStringRepresentationMask = 0x07
static const int kStringEncodingMask = 0x4
static const int kExternalTwoByteRepresentationTag = 0x02
static const int kExternalOneByteRepresentationTag = 0x06
static const int kIsolateEmbedderDataOffset = 0 * kApiPointerSize
static const int kAmountOfExternalAllocatedMemoryOffset
static const int kAmountOfExternalAllocatedMemoryAtLastGlobalGCOffset
static const int kIsolateRootsOffset
static const int kUndefinedValueRootIndex = 5
static const int kNullValueRootIndex = 7
static const int kTrueValueRootIndex = 8
static const int kFalseValueRootIndex = 9
static const int kEmptyStringRootIndex = 155
static const int kExternalAllocationLimit = 192 * 1024 * 1024
static const int kNodeClassIdOffset = 1 * kApiPointerSize
static const int kNodeFlagsOffset = 1 * kApiPointerSize + 3
static const int kNodeStateMask = 0xf
static const int kNodeStateIsWeakValue = 2
static const int kNodeStateIsPendingValue = 3
static const int kNodeStateIsNearDeathValue = 4
static const int kNodeIsIndependentShift = 4
static const int kNodeIsPartiallyDependentShift = 5
static const int kJSObjectType = 0xbd
static const int kFirstNonstringType = 0x80
static const int kOddballType = 0x83
static const int kForeignType = 0x88
static const int kUndefinedOddballKind = 5
static const int kNullOddballKind = 3
static const uint32_t kNumIsolateDataSlots = 4

Detailed Description

This class exports constants and functionality from within v8 that is necessary to implement inline functions in the v8 api. Don't depend on functions and constants defined here.

Member Data Documentation

const int v8::internal::Internals::kAmountOfExternalAllocatedMemoryAtLastGlobalGCOffset
Initial value:
kAmountOfExternalAllocatedMemoryOffset + kApiInt64Size
const int v8::internal::Internals::kAmountOfExternalAllocatedMemoryOffset
Initial value:
4 * kApiPointerSize
const int v8::internal::Internals::kIsolateRootsOffset
Initial value:
kAmountOfExternalAllocatedMemoryAtLastGlobalGCOffset + kApiInt64Size +
const int v8::internal::Internals::kMapInstanceTypeAndBitFieldOffset
Initial value:
1 * kApiPointerSize + kApiIntSize

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