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v8::Isolate::CreateParams Struct Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Attributes

FunctionEntryHook entry_hook
JitCodeEventHandler code_event_handler
ResourceConstraints constraints
bool enable_serializer

Detailed Description

Initial configuration parameters for a new Isolate.

Member Data Documentation

JitCodeEventHandler v8::Isolate::CreateParams::code_event_handler

Allows the host application to provide the address of a function that is notified each time code is added, moved or removed.

ResourceConstraints v8::Isolate::CreateParams::constraints

ResourceConstraints to use for the new Isolate.

bool v8::Isolate::CreateParams::enable_serializer

This flag currently renders the Isolate unusable.

FunctionEntryHook v8::Isolate::CreateParams::entry_hook

The optional entry_hook allows the host application to provide the address of a function that's invoked on entry to every V8-generated function. Note that entry_hook is invoked at the very start of each generated function. Furthermore, if an entry_hook is given, V8 will always run without a context snapshot.

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